Just Checking In

by Jennella

I’ve been a slacker of late – sorry for the lack of posts. Lots of things going on – lots of met and unmet deadlines flying by. Right now I’m writing a paper – well right now I’m at work blogging – right now in the gestalt I’m writing a paper on the ritual of pilgrimage in western and non-western culture with specific emphasis on architectural expression as manifested in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostella in Spain and Ise Shrine in Japan. It’s a fascinating topic – but it’s taking a long time to write.

In other news – referring to my last post on Pratt Foundry, there was an article is yesterday’s NYTimes about the foundries in India who make NYC manholes. Not surprisingly, it’s cheaper to do this is in India than it is here. Our foundry workers get $25 an hour whereas the factory workers in India get paid a few dollars a day.

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