Back in Blue

by Jennella

I’m back for a little bit – only I guess to get pulled away by the upcoming holiday extravaganzas. I saw this article in the New York Times today on Pantone choosing it’s color of the year. Perhaps the general public would not care that “Iris Blue” is the color for 2008 according to Pantone.

“Blue Iris brings together the dependable aspects of blue, underscored by a strong, soul-searching purple cast. Emotionally, it is anchoring and meditative with a touch of magic.”

Personally, I’m appalled by my lack of awareness of there being a color of any year – this is news!!! I’m not being facetious, check out the full article in NYTimes

But why are the designers so pissy about all the excitement over Pantone’s announcement – well you see Pantone is a color service – only the designer can decide what’s in