“I Believe”

by Jennella

I saw this show at the Guggenheim &  it was amazing – now I know I
intern there, but this  one by
Cai Guo Qiang  called “I believe” is amazing.  I want you all to go –
it’ll blow your mind! [Also for those of you with the babies – it’s a
kid friendly show – no naked biker chicks on the backs of the
boyfriends bike a.k.a the previous show ]

1. 9 cars suspended from the ceiling in a free fall with lights coming
out simulating a car bomb
2. Manmade river with a raft boat that adults can get into and push
themselves down the stream [seriously!!!!]
3. A pack of wolves running along the rotunda that eventually take off
(you can walk with the pack)
4.  Live artists sculpting life size sculptures from an earlier
imperialist period – sculptures only meant to last for duration of
5.  Fireworks & gun powder

Check out the video of the installation

Go & be inspired!