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Design Museum Holon

I have yet still to read this article, but the image of the Design Museum Holon slated to open in Israel is striking.  First of all it reminds me of an updated and dare I say more aesthetically pleasing  version Wright’s Guggenheim Museum.  Secondly, the museum was designed by Ron Arad – who is my new architect crush – he follows in the line of Calatrava and Bill Clinton [who as you know is not an architect but has an affinity for chubby interns so you know I include him just for sport].

The MoMA recently did a show on Ron Arad that blew my mind.  I had never heard of or saw his work before, for weeks I walked around thinking “Ron Arad, YOU’S A GENIUS!”


Still Alive

It has been brought to my attention once, twice, perhaps eighty-five times that I have not updated this blog in years. It is true, I have not updated this blog in years. It’s not that I haven’t seen amazing shows and installations or taken pictures and had incredible experiences in the world of the aesthetic – it’s just…well sometimes the slacker in me takes over or I get sidetracked. For example, right now I’m supposed to be working on my thesis. Well right now, I’m supposed to be drafting a letter on behalf of my boss to thank some people for their innumerable contributions to humankind. But first let me tell you about a show I saw recently.

Last week, I went to see FELA! It was really entertaining but missed a little of the magic necessary to make my brain sparkle.

Now truthfully, I have not seen many Broadway shows [I have a way off Broadway/East Village type budget] but I thought the set design was really innovative – not super technical with hydraulics and clever stage use, like Dream Girls at the Apollo, but I have never seen a show where they extended the set design that far into the audience space. The set designers did a clever recreation of Fela’s famed performance space and the writer and director played with the fourth wall – engaging the actual audience as if we were actually attending one of Fela’s performances.

I think it was also super evident [even if I didn’t know this before hand] that the performance was directed by a dancer. Of course the dance sequences were well choreographed and interesting but I think Mr. Jones also did a great job of using the whole performance space and creating an environment where the dancers, musicians, and audience members seemed to move within shared space.

That said, I’m a plot girl and the first act had precious little plot – though there was a funny bit about pale tea drinking visitors from the north overstaying their welcome and stealing things like ….petroleum and PEOPLE leaving nothing behind but gonorrhea and Jesus.

The show was still pretty awesome and I would go see it again, [provided the tickets were discounted]

WHITNEY MUSEUM at the High Line

Today NYTimes featured sketches of the Whitney’s satellite space off the Highline.  It’s kind of awesome.  I wonder how the new location will affect the types of shows they put up.  Also will the new space bring fresh energy to their exhibition design.

“I Believe”

I saw this show at the Guggenheim &  it was amazing – now I know I
intern there, but this  one by
Cai Guo Qiang  called “I believe” is amazing.  I want you all to go –
it’ll blow your mind! [Also for those of you with the babies – it’s a
kid friendly show – no naked biker chicks on the backs of the
boyfriends bike a.k.a the previous show ]

1. 9 cars suspended from the ceiling in a free fall with lights coming
out simulating a car bomb
2. Manmade river with a raft boat that adults can get into and push
themselves down the stream [seriously!!!!]
3. A pack of wolves running along the rotunda that eventually take off
(you can walk with the pack)
4.  Live artists sculpting life size sculptures from an earlier
imperialist period – sculptures only meant to last for duration of
5.  Fireworks & gun powder

Check out the video of the installation

Go & be inspired!

Position at High 5 Tickets to the Arts

Cultural Development Program Associate

High 5 is currently seeking an experienced, motivated, and outgoing Program Associate for Cultural Development to join our staff. This new position will be responsible for overseeing event donations from arts organizations, managing ongoing relationships with our cultural partners, and
cultivating new relationships with organizations throughout New York City.

Responsibilities will include:

    • Work with the Director of Programs and other program associates to create and implement strategies that increase cultural partner participation.
    • Manage weekly, monthly, and seasonal requests for ticket and event donations.
    • Manage High 5’s online cultural event listings.
    • Providing ongoing support and services to existing and new cultural partners.
    • Liaison between High 5 and cultural institutions for performances, educational programming, and special events.


    • Computer literate with Microsoft Office experience. Basic HTML and Photoshop knowledge preferred, but not required.
    • Extensive knowledge of the performing arts and cultural communities in New York.

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated work experience within New York’s cultural community, prior arts administrative experience and superior oral and written communication skills. Resumes, including salary history, and a cover letter that specifically highlights your familiarity with cultural institutions may be sent to Chris Kam, General Manager at NO Phone Calls.

Salary-30-35K. Full benefits package, including health insurance, vacation, and retirement plan.

Back in Blue

I’m back for a little bit – only I guess to get pulled away by the upcoming holiday extravaganzas. I saw this article in the New York Times today on Pantone choosing it’s color of the year. Perhaps the general public would not care that “Iris Blue” is the color for 2008 according to Pantone.

“Blue Iris brings together the dependable aspects of blue, underscored by a strong, soul-searching purple cast. Emotionally, it is anchoring and meditative with a touch of magic.”

Personally, I’m appalled by my lack of awareness of there being a color of any year – this is news!!! I’m not being facetious, check out the full article in NYTimes

But why are the designers so pissy about all the excitement over Pantone’s announcement – well you see Pantone is a color service – only the designer can decide what’s in

Just Checking In

I’ve been a slacker of late – sorry for the lack of posts. Lots of things going on – lots of met and unmet deadlines flying by. Right now I’m writing a paper – well right now I’m at work blogging – right now in the gestalt I’m writing a paper on the ritual of pilgrimage in western and non-western culture with specific emphasis on architectural expression as manifested in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostella in Spain and Ise Shrine in Japan. It’s a fascinating topic – but it’s taking a long time to write.

In other news – referring to my last post on Pratt Foundry, there was an article is yesterday’s NYTimes about the foundries in India who make NYC manholes. Not surprisingly, it’s cheaper to do this is in India than it is here. Our foundry workers get $25 an hour whereas the factory workers in India get paid a few dollars a day.

Read more

Pratt’s Foundry

Here are some photos from the bronze casting session at Pratt last week. The first is a photo of Professor Isolani, the second shows the pot(?) where the bronze is being melted – pieces of bronze are being added slowly to build up temperature – the green you see is copper being burned off. The last image is of the bronze being poured by students in the senior level 3D class.

It was a great way to spend the day, art historians, chemists, studio artists all coming together to watch one of the nexuses of where art and function meet. Learn more about lost wax process here

In the Foundry

Burning Off the Copper

Pouring the Bronze

Lecture: Design for the Other 90%

Tonight Cynthia Smith, curator at the Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum will be speaking at Pratt’s Brooklyn Campus.

Thursday, November 15 2007

6:30 PM

Main Building (Brooklyn) Room 230

Pratt Intern Fair -Nov. 13th

The 4th Annual Internship will be taking place on Tuesday, November 13th from 12-2 p.m. in the Student Union on the Brooklyn Campus and is open to all current students. 66 Companies attending and you can see the full list by clicking